our goals

Raise Awareness

Make people aware that almost anyone can enjoy climbing, and the mental/physical benefits it brings.

Facilitate Climbing

Ensure a fun and safe introduction to climbing through instructor lead sessions. Whilst removing a potential barrier to entry by providing funding.

Foster Community

Regularly bring people together for social sessions where they can climb, meet others with shared experiences and make new friends.


Belinda Fuller
Belinda Fuller Founder & Operations Manager

"Climbing has made me who I am today and there is nothing I love more than sharing its vast benefits with the world ..."

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Jon Hatfield
Jon Hatfield Trustee & Digital Lead

"I found rock climbing around 10 years ago and it has helped me in so many way; from working through stress and depression, to giving me confidence and meeting new people (including the woman who I am now married to)..."

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Patricia Kemp
Patricia Kemp Trustee & Finance Lead

"It’s with great love in my heart that we move forward with this amazing venture. It is not only a wonderful tribute to my daughter Katie but something that she would have loved to have been a part of ..."

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Sally Heath
Sally Heath Trustee

"Sally currently works for an NHS Mental Health Trust in the South East of England leading on business and innovation. She is passionate about supporting people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health ..."

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Kate Jackson
Kate Jackson Trustee & Chair

"Climbing has been a huge help to me through some very dark times. When you’re climbing you really are living in the moment and all your problems are kept at bay. I also love the climbing community ..."

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Emily Moreton-Smith
Emily Moreton-Smith Trustee & Secretary

"As a former ski instructor, lover of all things outdoors, and some who desperately wants to leave the world better than I found it, being asked to be part of COOD was a dream come true..."

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