Jon Hatfield
JON HATFIELD Trustee & Digital Lead

A Message from Jon

I found rock climbing around 10 years ago and it has helped me in so many way; from working through stress and depression, to giving me confidence and meeting new people (including the woman who I am now married to). I think it is an amazing activity as it helps focus the mind whilst also being a great form of exercise. So when asked to join COOD I didn't even need to think twice, it's an honour to be part of such an amazing initiative sharing climbing with others.

What JON bringS to COOD

Jon has spent his career working in technology with large digital media organisations, creating and managing teams that build cutting-edge digital products. He specialises in digital transformation and has worked on a wide variety of projects; from building cross platform features, migrating and upgrading business technology platforms to setting up complex data infrastructure.

Alongside his day-to-day work he strives to deliver thought leadership by speaking at key industry events (including Google and the IAB) and speaking at schools and colleges as a STEM ambassador. He also founded his own business which specialised in digital services, so has experience in scaling up.

Jon has been climbing for a number years and has found it instrumental in improving and maintaining his own mental health and wellbeing. With direct experience of mental health issues from his own life and those close to him, he also understands some of the challenges people face in this area and the importance of finding positive ways to overcome them.