Belinda Fuller
Belinda Fuller Founder & Operations Manager

Message from Be

I am so excited to start helping people who could really benefit from having climbing in their lives. I have countless first hand experience of its benefits to ones mental health with evidence from many clients on how much it has changed their lives for the better. Climbing has made me who I am today and there is nothing I love more than sharing its vast benefits with the world.

What Be brings to COOD

Belinda has been climbing since she could walk; from trees to 100 meter cliffs to national climbing competitions, she made a career from the sport in coaching, becoming one of the GB coaching team in 2017.

Having spent the last 8 years running her own coaching business, Be Climbing, last year she opened a bouldering wall called Volume 1 Climbing. Belinda will be responsible for ensuring that the standard of instruction for the charity is appropriate for the individuals involved, as well as fundraising and building awareness among the climbing community.